How to Hide Blackheads: 5 Tips  ?

Do you have an upcoming event? Bothered by that blackhead? Luckily, makeup can help you cover it. Here are 5 professional tips:

1. Start With a Medicated Primer

Aside from making makeup application easy and flawless, a medicated primer can help treat the blackhead while covering the red- ness. While some dermatologists sell medicated primers and similar makeup, you can also find them online or in large beauty stores like Sephora.

2. Use a Lip Brush For a More Precise Application

By using a lip brush, you can control how much concealer you apply. If you don’t have a lip brush, you can also use another small brush or a cotton swab to focus your concealer on the blackhead rather than the skin around it.

3. Blend the Concealer Around the Edges

A blob of concealer on top of a blackhead will look painfully obvious. With this in mind, blend the concealer around the affected areas and out at the edges. This will “feather” it into your skin tone and make it look less obvious.

4. Apply Foundation For Further Coverage (if Needed)

After applying concealer, dab some foundation on the affected area to even out skin tone and hide the concealer, if need be.

5. Finish With Loose Powder

Take a tip from the Kardashians and “set” your makeup with a loose, translucent powder. This will help prevent the concealer from wearing off and make your face look more even.